Saraswathi Hospital Coimbatore

Saraswathi Hospital Coimbatore is a 100 bedded multidisciplinary hospital located at Chinthamanipudur, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Dr. P. Punnaivanam, during the year 1959, had a vision to serve the rural people when most of the Doctors preferred urban area. Since then, Saraswathi Hospital opened its doors to serve the society. Dr. P. Punnaivanam extended his service, even to the extreme corners of the rural areas. For the past many successful years his service is widely spread to the whole district. He has a place in the hearts of the rural people. Popularly he is known as 'Punniyavan' which signifies the gratitude of the community which he serves till this day. Following the foot steps of the founder, from 1998, Dr.S.Sivakumar and Dr.T.Radharuckmani jointly had taken over the organization and dedicate themselves to carry forward the vision of the founder.

Chairman's Message :
Due to modern civilisation and restricted physical activities, non-communicable diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Obesity, heart problems are on the rise.

When a family buys a vehicle (two or four wheeler) for their personal use, their regular physical activities are reduced. They will use vehicle even to go to nearby shop to purchase their daily needs.

Due to western culture, food habits of our people have changed. Children of this generation are interested in eating junk food and fast foods. So children of this generation are prone to develop over weight and non-communicable diseases in the early part of their life.

So it is our aim to teach the people to be healthy by following life style modifications.

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