Sathyan'S Eye Care, Coimbatore

Sathyan'S Eye Care, Coimbatore or PADMA SATHYAN HEATH CARE LLP was founded in the year 2012, in the Manchester city of south India, Coimbatore with specialty eye hospital whose clinical expertise and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment procedures make it a worldwide referral center, named SATHYAN EYE CARE HOSPITAL AND COIMBATORE GLAUCOMA FOUNDATION.

To self sustain the eye hospital, an in-house medical shop to support with the eye drops and ophthalmology related pharmacy called AJ PHARMACY and optical dispensing unit A&J OPTICALS started functioning with quality products in them. Dr Sathyan Parthasarathi, Director, Sathyan Eye Care Hospital and Coimbtore Glaucoma Foundation has with his enriched knowledge, surgical skill, passion and integrity molded a team to provide comprehensive with speciality eye care services in the interest of the community and eliminate needless blindness.

At sathyan eye care hospital, the team is involved in the preservation of quality vision for better life style and performance by assessing, diagnosing, counselling, educating the patient and the family about the treatment and deliver the same with informed consent and care.

Our priorities:

• Advocacy: We advocate for eye health globally so it receives the attention and resources needed to achieve universal access to eye care;

• Partnerships: We build coalitions and partnerships to mobilise action and generate change at a national and local level; and

• Knowledge: We provide authoritative data and information on eye health enabling the sharing of knowledge and experience to promote the development of good policy and practice.

GENERAL OPHTHALMOLOGY (Sathyan'S Eye Care, Coimbatore)

Cataract, Glaucoma and Retinal disorders like diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration (ARMD), retinitis pigmentosa (RP) etc Optic nerve disorders Amblyopia or lazy eye

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