Avalanche Lake, Ooty

( The popular place to visit  the Anaimalai Hills of the Western Ghats. It is about 65 kilometers (40 mi) from Coimbatore.)

Surrounded by mountains and covered by lovely flowers around, Avalanche Lake Ooty is a tourist spot away from the bustling traffic. Avalanche Lake Ooty makes the perfect setting for a family, adventure package.

If you are wondering how the lake landed with such a name, it is a misnomer because it was formed by a huge landslide and not an avalanche. You find large varieties of flowers, like magnolias and rhododendrons blooming on all sides of the lake. The waterfalls rushing down the nearby mountains further add to the beauty of this already alluring landscape.

Avalanche Lake is one of the finest attractions in Ooty and receives equal love from adventure seekers, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The activities offered, along with the adorable views, sets up Avalanche Lake Ooty as the perfect getaway for families and solo travellers alike.

If you are interested in spending the night there stargazing, take a tent with you as you have provisions for pitching tents there.

Things to do at Avalanche Lake

1. Gazing at the views – Being a part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve, Avalanche Lake in Ooty is a protected area. The mountain ranges covered with shola forests, and the numerous sporadic waterfalls crawling down the slopes, create a picturesque backdrop.

2. Trout fishing – Visit Avalanche Lake after monsoons, and you’ll find that the lake is available for fishing and acts as an apt location for fishing hobbyists. Nearby the lake itself you have a trout hatchery, from where you can get fishing rods and other essentials you require.

3. Camping – If you want to spend a night lying down observing the sky, camping at this gorgeous destination in Ooty is a must-do. Pitching a tent is allowed but confirm with the office first if they will permit it on the days you want to be there. Forest rest houses are also there for overnight stays.

4. Trekking – The mountains surrounding the avalanche lake are wonderful trekking spots and you can do a little bit of exploration of your own. But do take the necessary precautions before you venture out into deep forests. The area is a part of a wildlife sanctuary and is the habitat of animals like bears, tigers and elephants, among others. So, check your trekking gear and get going for an adventure in Avalanche Ooty.

5. Forest Safari – The forest department organises 2-hour Avalanche Lake Ooty safari. The safari is on a bus/jeep which stops at three designated viewpoints, the last one of which is the Avalanche Lake. You get to visit the Bhavani Amman temple and also view the green cauliflower shola forest cover around.

Traveller Tips

1. Do not throw anything here and there. It is your responsibility to keep the place clean and green

2. Also, carrying a good amount of water and other necessary supplies with you is advisable.


Airways :

If you are travelling by air, Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport which is nearly 50 km away from the destination. Coimbatore Airport is well-served by both domestic and international tourists. From the airport, opt for a private or a shared taxi to get to this popular attraction.

Railways :

Approximately 33 km away is the Mettupalayam Railway Station and around 29 km away is the Ooty Railway Station. You can enjoy a train service at any of the stations. These 2 stations connect Ooty with the metro cities of India such as Kochi, Jaipur, Puri, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Kanyakumari and more. After arriving in Ooty, experience the further journey through Nilgiri Toy Train to have the best time of your life.

Road Ways :

Choose to travel by road if you want to feel the magic of Ooty on your way. There are several private and government-owned buses that operate daily for the convenience of tourists. You can also hire a private vehicle from one of the leading car rental companies in Ooty for hassle free commutation within the hill station. However, the entry of the vehicles up to the falls is not allowed, so one must need to trek to reach Catherine Falls.

Places To Visit Near Avalanche Lake

There are several options to explore nearby Aliyar apart from witnessing the views it beholds. You can take assistance from our team to plan your itinerary as per your holiday duration. The top 5 places to visit in Coonoor are:

1. Dolphin’s Nose: Visit Dolphin’s Nose viewpoint to admire the lush greenery, majestic waterfalls and awe-inspiring mountains from the top. Here you can also overlook the unobstructed view of the natural beauty along with the tea plantations.

2. Rallia Dam: Another equally fasciation attraction is Rallia Dam, where you can spot a wide variety of animals such as Bisons and Malabar Squirrels in the forest. It is a short drive away from Aliyar Dam.

3. Sim’s Park: Be sure to take a short stroll at Sim’s Park whenever you are on your Ooty tour. Nestled on the slope of the hill, the park offers 1000 plus species of colourful flowers and plants. It is just 6 km away from Dolphin’s Nose.

4. Government Botanical Park: Have a fun time with your family at Government Botanical Garden. Spreading over an area of 55 acres, the garden is mainly visited by people for educating their children about nature conservation.

5. Upper Bhavani Lake: Treat your eyes to picturesque views at Upper Bhavani Lake. An ideal spot for nature lovers, the Upper Bhavani Lake is just like heaven on earth. Unlike other attractions, it is a less-crowded place in Coonoor.

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